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How Can I Email a Receipt on a Proposal?

With the BloomsBy proposals, you can email receipts based on each payment or you can print out receipts based on all the payments that have been applied to a proposal.

Emailing a Receipt for One Payment

To email a single receipt on a proposal payment, find the proposal you wish to email the receipt for and scroll down to the payment section of the proposal.

Find the date of the receipt you want to email, click Actions, and click Send Receipt. Enter the customer's email address and click Send. You can have a copy sent to your email if you check the Send Copy to Business Email box.

Emailing a Receipt for Multiple Payments

To print all receipts on payments that have been applied to a proposal, please follow the following steps.

Choose the proposal you want to email receipts from, scroll down to the payment section, and at the top of this section, click Email. Enter the customer email address and click Done to send the email. Again, you check the box to have a copy sent to your email.

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